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Our exclusive, single-minded focus on .Net Software Development brings together a massive in-house technical knowledge base, combined specialist software development expertise, under a single roof. Every project regardless of scale has an economic value attached to it for the client and we understand and respect that. This is why right from the word go only a Senior .Net Software Developer is going to work on your project, that is our Guarantee to you. You get great value for money spent, and eliminate risk of budget and schedule overruns.

Cloud Apps

Cloud Development

To nurture netPurists kind of .Net Software Development talent in-house, you would need to sustain high levels of overhead on recruitment, retention, and training programs in an area that is probably not core to your business. Eliminate the risk of diversifying your capital in non-core areas, and reduce costs by avoiding fixed overheads. Think of us as your Software Development Team on the cloud, use as you need, pay as you go.

Real Time

Real-Time Access

Communication is vital to every project's success. We give you "real time" access to the status of your project, including the specific feature being worked upon. You are in control and have full visibility of the software development process at any point of time.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs - our silent torch bearer

While there is a lot to learn from him, there are 3 things that we have admired the most and have been emulating since we started netPurists. The search for perfection in the smallest of details, keep an uncompromising attitude to mediocrity, and shun easy pickings for short term gains.


0% Risk with 100% Satisfaction

We always follow the best practices as adopted globally for software development, do not compromise on the quality or aesthetics of a solution, and go the extra mile in ensuring that only the most talented and most-experienced developers execute your work. This guarantees the quality of our deliverables.

We are so confident of our output, that we settle for nothing less than 100% Client Satisfaction Rate. Anything less and you will have our entire team including the management after you to sort out the smallest of concerns. And Yes, we would not bill you till you are completely satisfied. Your approval of our work means the world to us. The performance of our developers are measured on Client Satisfaction Rate

0 Costs

Savings for you of 40% or More

Our team of Senior Software Developers, are fanatics when it comes to Quality of Code, at prices that save you at least 40%.

How do we then save you so much? We do not run a sweat shop, on the contrary the team members are given higher than industry compensation package, guaranteed annual increments and a great indoor & outdoor working environment. We instead reduce overheads by:

  • Focusing on just 1 technology instead of dabbling in many
  • Keeping staff turnover negligible i.e. <1%. Our recruitment expenses, lag time to replacement, and all associated expenses on account of staff turnover is zilch. People don't leave us once they join, as simple as that.
  • Collective decision of stakeholders at netPurists to opt for growth that is deliberately slow but firm. This openly stated objective ensures to our clients "Quality will never prioritized over Revenue" and brings in long-term partnerships which helps us plan better.
Let's put it in your court

There are a lot of great choices out there for .Net Developers But one size does not fit all. Here is a mini-checklist for you to assess if we are the right fit for you:

  • We come on board as an advisory participant not just as IT developers. It helps us objectively focus on what would work for you rather than what we have on offer.
  • We like to know our customers on a first name basis. This means, we limit the volume of work we take up to ensure our Clients always get 100% focus and attention of the Team of Developers assigned to them. It also ensures that the Developers are not overworked. Our mantra is "A Happy Developer will make for a Happy Client."
  • As glamorous as the new Technology or IT buzzword may sound, we will not encourage you to invest in such an adoption or migration unless it would actually add value to your business (yeah we can be a spoilsport sometimes). We believe, "If our Client prospers today, so will we tomorrow."
  • We do not outsource your work to someone else. We are not a sales & marketing front, just a dedicated bunch of experts, who love our work and are singularly focused on .Net Software Development.
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