How it works

How it Works

Process & Methodology Explained


You send us a few lines about what you are looking for. It could be just an idea, or a more detailed requirement


Within 48 hours one of our analysts will go over your request. The Analyst may ask a few questions to better understand your requirements or come back with the best possible solution. If a custom solution needs to be developed, you will be provided an estimate at this stage.


If you decide to take the next step i.e. officially become a "netPurists Client" - we would climb the Everest, swim the Amazon and reach out for the stars, for you. Okay :) maybe not literally, but we sure would appreciate the faith you have put in our services. Your satisfaction now becomes an official benchmark for the Development Team to track, as their Performance Reviews (ie Compensation Package) is directly linked to Client Satisfaction Rate. You will now be given access to "netPurists Insight," a software that gives you an in-depth look any hour of the day or night, into what the Developer Team is doing with your requirements. This kind of insight demystifies and brings complete transparency to the amount of effort that goes behind completing your work.


At this point you can decide to either start off a pilot (a smaller version of the app that you want made), give the go-ahead to kick off the project, or simply hold off from proceeding immediately. Feel free to seek the advice of our Analyst on what is the best option given your situation.


Software is delivered as per the schedule that has been decided with you. You get kudos from your team for finishing a job on schedule and on budget.


Project Manager contacts you to find out how the overall experience has been.

Even after the solution has been delivered, do not hesitate to call us. We love what we do and would be glad to hear from you and support you whenever you need us.

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