Charity for Girl Child

Social Responsibility towards the Girl Child in India

Let us try to stop the discrimination and create a level playing field

Think a little bit more, try a little bit harder, together we can make a difference. Maybe the most we achieve is changing just one man's perception, that would still be enough to save "one life."

10% of all our profits goes to a Charity that can improve the conditions of the Girl Child in India, and we hope to better this number in the future.

We believe in fair play at work and in life, and especially espouse the cause of Girl child in India. Unfortunately gender discrimination is still a vice Indian urban and rural classes are struggling to grapple with. While the practice of sex determination of the fetus is prohibited by law, unscrupulous radiologists can be still be found easily. The root of the problem however lies in public perception and not the radiologist alone, who is merely a means to the end. There continues to be the perception that Girl child's birth accompanies with it social disadvantages for the family.

Nothing can be further from the truth. While there are a lot of logical explanations to counter the false perception, this is a battle of the heart and not of the mind, hence reasoning has often failed to make the society see light. The idea is to get our message out the furthest that we can, without prejudice to any of the religions or community. Indian Mythology has taught us:

  • God of Power - Kali - a woman
  • God of Learning & Knowledge - Sarswati - a woman
  • God of Wealth - Laxmi - a woman

Support the good work of Plan India of care for the Girl Child. Let us make a difference.

Plan India

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